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ABC x Rebirth Beirut

Rebirth Beirut continues its activity and work in the capital and is successfully completing a new phase of projects, this time in cooperation with ABC, as part of the “Let’s Light Up Our Community” initiative in partnership with Medco to light up the city.

This project, launched in May 2022, continues with great success and aims to breathe new life into the streets of Beirut and this time by illuminating the surrounding streets of ABC in Achrafieh and Verdun.

For the occasion, a ceremony was held at ABC Achrafieh in the presence of the Governor of Beirut Judge Marwan Abboud, the President and Vice President of Beirut Municipality, along with social personalities and media representatives, as well as ABC customers.

Mr. Gaby Fernaine, president and founder of Rebirth Beirut, spoke about the initiative and said: “We believe in the future of this city and its people. By lighting Beirut’s streets and vital roads, we aim to restore the luster of the capital we love.” He continued, saying: “This collaboration with ABC is part of our constant endeavor to bring light and hope back to Beirut and is the result of cooperation with the private sector and companies that believe in Lebanon, the country of love, life, and culture.”

Ron Fadel, Chairman of ABC, emphasized that: “This initiative is not the only one and comes within ABC’s vision of “making Lebanon a better place,” as the company’s management renews its keenness to support Lebanon with all possible means.”

Michele Chammas Gharzouzi, Director of Innovation at Medco, noted that darkness is not appropriate for Beirut and its residents, and because people have the right to walk without fear in the streets, this initiative came as a continuation of all previous efforts and the partnership between Medco and Rebirth Beirut, and today with ABC, in the hope that the coming days will bring goodness and peace.

In conclusion, Governor Marwan Abboud declared: “We are pleased to witness national initiatives such as this one, as the city needs a joint effort between the private sector and the public sector. We salute and thank Rebirth Beirut, ABC, and the partners in this initiative, as we recognize every step that will illuminate our streets and bring joy and safety to the hearts of the Lebanese.”

The participants in this initiative reaffirmed their determination and commitment to move the country forward, contributing to its continuous progress and making its days full of light and joy.

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