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The Company was founded in Lebanon in 2006. We craft and accomplish modern high end accessories.
LZ was established by Lena Zeitouni, a Lebanese designer inspired by her own style and initiator of multifunctional fashion jewelry for the world of jewels.
Well known for our unique worldwide concept and look, we diversify our collection to fit the right personality of our clients.
Earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces are just a glance of what we are proposing.
Lena Zeitouni is a unique brand that is spread all over the world, mainly in the gulf area.
Fashion jewelry is what we do, all of our items are gold plated and comply with American standards for safety, which makes it free of cadmium lead and nickel.
It is made out of Brass.
Brass is the type of metal that have a very high quality ,finest and cleanest among of all
Metal series.
Brass is a combination of copper (Cu59 %), zinc (Zn39 %) and Lead (Pb2 %).
Our plating stands on 18K gold/ white gold, gunmetal and multi-color combination.
We sell in the following market like Salam (UAE, QATAR, ABOU DHABI and AL AIN) Blue Salon QATAR.
Harvey Nichols (UAE, KSA), SAKS fifth Avenue Dubai, Citruss TV (that covers 17 countries) Al Moallim Co. KSA.
Le loft Antelias Lebanon, ABC Dbaye Lebanon, and Eclectic Beirut Souk Lebanon.
LZ aims to improve and facilitate the means of wearing fashion jewelry .
We make every effort to design and manufacture each of our accessories in a way that allows you to exploit every piece and use it differently in each time you wear it.
We are not done yet! Hopefully you will get to enjoy our bags, shoes, and clothing line
In the very near future.

Lena Zeitouni products are very high in quality and in terms of material, chains and metal.
They are made out of brass; brass is the cleanliest in metal among all
With its composition of copper (Cu 59%), Zink (Zn 39%) and Lead (Pb2%).
Our leather is made of high end quality python and the stones are Shwarovski, while the brass, chains, and the leather are imported from Italy.
All our products are free of cadmium lead and nickel that comply with the American standards 
For safety.
Our product is gold plated; we supply mainly gold, white gold, gunmetal, multi-color combination. 
Point of sales:
We sell and supply the US market and the Arab world like:
Harvey Nichols (UAE, KSA)
SAKS Fifth Avenue (DUBAI)
Al Moallim Saudi Arabia
Salam Studio & Stores (UAE, QATAR, ABOU DHABI and AL AIN) 
Blue Salon (QATAR)
Citruss TV that covers 17 countries (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Algeria, Morocco and Jordan).
Le loft Antelias Lebanon, ABC Dbaye Lebanon, and Eclectic Beirut Souk Lebanon

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