About CSR

ABC's Corporate Social Responsibility program is aimed at making a genuine difference in the Lebanese community through a doer's attitude. Well-structured, value-oriented and sustainable, the program is an ongoing effort that supports a number of causes. Although one of the goals of the CSR program is to help raise funds for these causes, there is first and foremost a need to address the lack of awareness surrounding them. ABC draws attention to the social issues that most affect our community and helps raise awareness about them, through an integrated approach spanning a variety of in-store and online activities.

Signature campaigns are carried out every year as part of the ABC CSR program. One of these yearly campaigns is 'Small Bear, SmallBig Heart', an initiative that supports children's causes through the sale of teddy bears at Christmas time. ' Small Bear, Big Heart ' was founded on the belief that the most vulnerable of children should not just be seen, but also heard and cared for. ABC also supports the fight against breast cancer. Seeing that the majority of its clientele are concerned and that early detection can save lives, the company has made the pink ribbon another one of its signature causes. Some of ABC's other philanthropic projects involved decorating children care centers and hospitals to bring some of the joy of Christmas to sick children, as well as celebrating Ramadan traditions with destitute children and their families. In 2011, ABC decided to celebrate its 75th anniversary by supporting Lebanese talents and celebrating their work. A designer's corner was set up to display the designers' limited editions. Starting March 2012, ABC made a commitment to public health. Being a family destination that cares about the wellbeing and comfort of its customers, ABC chose to take the leading step and endorse the government's antismoking law, thus becoming Lebanon's first smoke-free mall.

In April 2012, the company partnered with the Saint George Hospital for the second time to organize the hospital's 6th Health Fair. The event, which was held at ABC Dbayeh, highlighted the importance of early detection in the successful treatment of patients and raised awareness about protection and prevention. The fair also offered the opportunity to benefit from free medical consultations and discounted testing.

As a prominent corporate citizen, ABC strongly believes in giving something back to its community. Its commitment to making a positive impact on society is strengthened by the conviction that other socially responsible companies will soon emerge, and learn as ABC has learned, that CSR can be more than mere corporate duty. It can also be a pleasure.